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Burn After Reading

Posted by on July 31, 2009

Life and business these days, to me, is like living inside a Coen Brothers movie (Fargo, O Brother, No Country for Old Men)…….just when you think you have things all figured out, here comes another plot twist that throws everything you thought you could believe into a state of disbelief.

Clients keep asking me “what industries will survive and thrive?” If I knew the answer to that, I’d be spending my days online as a day trader, making a bundle.

But one industry we know will continue to show at least modest gains, with some exceptions producing extraordinary gains is the food industry, and particularly the segment that caters to “empty calories.” “Junk food” sales climb in a downturn. Look @ McDonald’s same store sales and note the rises just from the dollar menu. I spent a good part of yesterday talking to a Frito Lay distributor rep, and in ten years with the company, he says he has never been busier than today.

In a downturn, people buy food that fills them up or satisfies them, sometimes at the expense of nutrition or even economic prudence.

A food acquisition (manufacturing/distribution) might be an excellent target for you right now; it will satisfy your appetite,w/o upsetting your system.

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