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Show Me the Money!

Posted by on September 9, 2009

All the “small money guys” I know got beat up in the market last fall and aren’t looking for deals.   That’s a shame, because there are so many opportunities right now.   Even retail, previously a taboo for investment, think about what the demand is going to be like when we come out of this thing!   Think about the closed big box stores, and how that creates an opportunities for new niche retailers.

I was recently in an ad agency that had set up a fund to invest in their clients.  Their thinking was, if we help our clients grow, that means more business for us down the line.

Property developers should embrace this, especially mall owners.   Go the extra mile and create a fund for investing in the future of retailers, especially start-ups that show promise.  You might end up with a new client in 10, 50, 0r a hundred malls.

It’s an exciting time to be chasing business opps!

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