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Current “Small Money” Opportunity Portfolio

Posted by on February 26, 2010

We are working with the following small money opportunities.   These deals are all pre-screened for cleanliness of  organization, market potential, principals that “get it.”   (This is not an offer to buy or sell any securities or real property; as always before considering opportunities of this nature you should consult legal and accounting counsel). We welcome your inquiries:

High tech company serving memory market.  10 year old company with customers like Intel, Samsung, and Micron,  this company was millions of dollars into R/D for next gen project when funding source went bankrupt.   $25 million gets product off the ground in market where couple of percentage points means revenue in hundreds of millions.

Niche retailer operating in super growth segment, two stores open, profitable almost from day one, have 3rd round interested for national roll-out, but need to build out more stores to prove concept.   Seeking $1.5 million to saturate US West with stores.

Neutriceutical  in men’s health.   Some sales, needs investor for national marketing push, seeking $1 million.

Destination Specialty Restaurant in New York area, great NYT reviews, robust business, looking for financial/strategic partner for national expansion.

Establishing Fund for Aggregation of Boutique West Coast Wineries/Vineyards.  Up to $150 mil.

Automobile financing Proprietary funding methods for car loans enables company to lend to wider group of people, minimize risk at dealer level, maximize investor return. Initially $1.5 mil, then tranches of $20 mil per.

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