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Carl’s Jr. Update

Posted by on March 15, 2010

(OPINION) Investor Norman Peltz (Wendys/Arbys group, says he wants to play too, is studying CKE financials to see if he wants to bid.   Peltz is an activist investor, and as head of Triarc Companies, has hit a couple home runs (let’s not talk about Snapple, tho).

On the other hand, TH Lee, the first bidder, is strictly a private equity ground, buying and “improving” companies in order to obtain the highest financial return that they are able to.   Their current consumer  food portfolio is solely made up of Dunkin Donuts, a financial midget compared to the Wendys/Arbys combo.

We also can’t help but look at what Lee single handedly did to Clear Channel Communications, where they overpaid, and micromanaged to the point of contemplating a prepackaged bankruptcy a mere nine months after closing.

We realize we don’t get a vote, but if we did, and the contenders remain only Lee and Peltz, Peltz wins, in our book.

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