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Tenets for A Good Operation

Posted by on September 7, 2011

I always liked these, they have been modified and added to over the years.  If you adopt many of these for your company, you’ll see positive feedback nearly immediately.

We are in the business of helping our customers grow their businesses.

We believe in maximizing our customer’s satisfaction, we will deserve and will earn their continued loyalty. Our goal is to have long term, mutually profitable relationships.

We believe in providing superior value to customers through high quality, technologically advanced, fairly priced products and services designed to meet customer needs better than all the possible alternatives.

We believe our people are our most important asset. Our teams make the critical difference in how we perform and their skills, talents and determination separate us from our competitors. We also believe people can achieve their full potential when they enjoy their work, so it is a priority to provide a workplace where growth, success and fun go hand-in-hand.

We believe we have anobligation for the well-being of the communities in which we live. We further believe the future success of our communities and the industries where we do business is dependent upon the responsibility we feel, the high standards we set and the positive impact our actions have.

We believe excellence is the standard and we seek to achieve excellence by encouraging and nourishing these core values:

  • Respect for the individual.
  • Honest, open communication.
  • Individual development and satisfaction.
  • A sense of ownership in our success.
  • Participation, cooperation and teamwork.
  • Creativity, innovation and initiative.
  • Prudent risk-taking.
  • Recognition and rewards for achievement.

We believe success is measured by:

  • Achieving leadership in the markets we serve.
  • Developing our own people to form the building blocks of our internal growth and expansion.
  • Maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity in every action we take and in everything we do.

We believe the ultimate measure of our success is to provide a superior value to our investors, customers, community, and employees.



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