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Company Operating Tenets

Posted by on October 31, 2012

I like companies / owners / executives that have and operating under tenets that the entire roster of personnel at a company understand and embrace.   Of course, you won’t see the employees rallying around the mission if they don’t see executives “walking the walk” as well as “talking the talk”.

I saw this list today, for a European company.  It’s a great place to start, if you need a platform for your corporation.

But if you choose to simplify what guides your company, choose to live by this one statement only:  “I take the best care I can of the employees, and they take the best care they can of my business and customers.”

  • I strive to Deliver Results for my Stakeholders: my Customers, my Shareholders and my Team
  • I Expect the Utmost of myself and of others
  • I am Responsible for my Well Being and for my Growth
  • I am an Inspiration to others through Courage, Teamwork, and Philanthropy
  • I Break Down Barriers and Create Opportunities
  • I am Honest and Transparent
  • I Present Solutions every time
  • I Believe there are No Limits to my Future here and No Limits to what we can build together.
  • I value others on their contribution and performance, I only want A players on my team.
  • I Own the Outcome of my Stakeholder’s experience

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