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Is Your HR Department Your New Storefront?

Posted by on March 19, 2015

Some years ago, people talked about the importance of having a great website – that for many companies it was the equivalent of a brick and mortar storefront. The site was what the public saw first, created the initial impression of the company and encouraged (or discouraged) people from doing business with the concern.

I believe a new type of “storefront” has come into existence, and it’s your HR department, and how they deal with pools of applicants.

Especially for senior level positions, your HR department is like a “magic window” allowing applicants to peer inside their future prospective employer, understand how information and processes flow, how decisions are made, and what priority the company places on the position and applicants.

Questions for applicants to ponder: Is your first encounter with the company via an entry level position screener? Does the interviewer fully understand and communicate what the duties of the position are? Can the interviewer successfully communicate the chain of command for the position? Does the screen understand how your experience lends itself to the position requirements? Despite your experience and credentials, are you required to take some basic skills quiz online? Or create a “video pitch?” Does it take an extremely long time for the process?

To me, these are some red flags, and you might exercise caution in going further with the opportunity. You’re getting a rare advance glimpse into the inner workings of your prospective employer.

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