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Private Equity Deals Hurt Consumers

Private Equity, Part 3: Bad for Consumers In a previous discussions about the private equity industry, I’ve spoken mostly about their lack of contribution to growing the economy – since the function of a private equity deal is to provide a sky high ROI to the firm and “partners,” they have no interest in really … Continue reading »

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Company Operating Tenets

I like companies / owners / executives that have and operating under tenets that the entire roster of personnel at a company understand and embrace.   Of course, you won’t see the employees rallying around the mission if they don’t see executives “walking the walk” as well as “talking the talk”. I saw this list … Continue reading »

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Tenets for A Good Operation

I always liked these, they have been modified and added to over the years.  If you adopt many of these for your company, you’ll see positive feedback nearly immediately. We are in the business of helping our customers grow their businesses. We believe in maximizing our customer’s satisfaction, we will deserve and will earn their … Continue reading »

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