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I, For One, Don’t Believe Most CEOs are Overpaid

A topic that gets a lot of press these days is the compensation packages awarded to some CEOs. Many people take umbrage to the size of these packages, for a variety of reasons including “disproportionate to rank and file,” “nobody is worth that much,” “(the company) could have used the same amount of money to … Continue reading »

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There’s Only One Task For Any CEO

I know many CEOs who believe they have four ‘audiences’ for their concern: Wall Street, regulatory agencies, customers, and employees. (Usually in that order). I believe this to be misguided; I feel that if CEOs make their employees their only priority, all other corporate needs and accomplishments will fall in line. While many in business … Continue reading »

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Tenets for A Good Operation

I always liked these, they have been modified and added to over the years.  If you adopt many of these for your company, you’ll see positive feedback nearly immediately. We are in the business of helping our customers grow their businesses. We believe in maximizing our customer’s satisfaction, we will deserve and will earn their … Continue reading »

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