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An Inspirational Entrepreneur

I have dealt with dozens, if not hundreds of entrepreneurs, on five continents, during the course of my career. A disturbingly high number of them don’t really understand the basics of business, they have an idea for a product or service, or are maybe in a test stage, but there are some fundamentals not in … Continue reading »

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Start-up Advice You Didn’t Ask For

I hear from a gaggle of start-ups every week, from all over the planet.  Some are seeking money, some advice, some want team members.  Everybody is bootstrapping these days, it not only has to do with the relative difficulty of finding money, but also the current trend of flipping prior to VC involvement. If one … Continue reading »

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“The Biggest Lie for Entrepreneurs…”

A prominent lawyer once told me, “Is the ones they tell themselves everyday.” I’m pondered this for a few years. I thought I knew what he was referring to at the time, but I have a much clearer idea these days. I have a clearer idea, because even tho I tell potential new clients “think … Continue reading »

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Where to Find Money in Tough Times

Your chances of getting a multi-million $ check from a big VC are kind of the same as winning the lottery – tho you would fare better with the lottery than giving away the store to an outside investor. If you’re ready for round 2, and have exhausted the F,F, & F group, there’s still … Continue reading »

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